My First Photo Shoot

This past weekend I had my first photo shoot! I have a lot of editing and sorting to do, but I think I got some really great shots.

Here’s a sneak peek.


It’s in the Eyes

I find taking pictures of people, especially kids, to be pretty challenging sometimes. Luckily, my favorite 2-year-old lets me practice on her, and she’s quite the pro. Even at a year old, when she would see a camera, she would strike a pose. (I thank her camera-loving mom for this.)

Now, when I want to practice people pictures, I can usually catch her looking right into the camera, which makes for some great shots.

Sometimes Photography Is Frustrating

Sometimes I have an idea in my head about what would make the perfect photo. And then I just can’t make it happen. Sometimes it’s because I haven’t yet mastered my camera settings. Sometimes I can’t put myself at the perfect angle. Sometimes I feel rushed and don’t take the time to make the photo right.

I had this experience while enjoying a sunny day in the park in Dublin a while back. There were two teenagers sitting in the park, enjoying their youth, the suns rays, and the wonders of bubbles.

It was a sight that stayed with me in my mind, and I wanted to capture it on “film”, too.

But, I felt rushed, I was uncomfortable taking photos of strangers, and I didn’t want to come off as creepy.

So, I did the best I could, which really wasn’t my best, and here’s what I came up with.

 None of them even came close to the prize-winning image I had in my head. But, in an effort to use my less-than-stellar photos as a learning opportunity, I spent some time playing around with my editing tools (because I’m trying not to be afraid of them anymore) to see what I could come up with.

Here’s the finished product.

Sunny Day in St. Stephen’s Green

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any new photos. It’s mostly because I’ve been too busy to even take photos, let alone post them. I was just looking through my pictures on my computer, and realized I’ve hardly even taken any in the month of June.

However, I realized this is also the perfect time to post some photos from a while back that I hadn’t gotten around to sharing.

This one is a photo I took back in April while I was in Ireland. It was an unusually sunny day in Dublin, so people of all kinds were out enjoying the weather in St. Stephen’s Green. I was so mesmerized by this man and the swan, that I took dozens of photos of them.

This one was my favorite.