What You Can Learn About the Photographer

Here’s another photo that I took while I was supposed to be cleaning out the “closet of doom” the other night. It’s another example of how minor details can sometimes tell you a bit about the life of the photographer.

By the way, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can display these race bibs and medals that I can’t get myself to throw away?


An Early Morning Cinco de Mayo Treat

The effects of jet lag still haven’t quite worn off, but it’s actually been to my advantage. Monday and Tuesday morning I woke up and got some photo editing and blogging done before my alarm went off. Yesterday I went for a run. Today, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, I made some homemade guacamole, all before the buzz of the alarm.

I’m not a particularly good cook, but my homemade guac recipe always seems to be a hit. (Although, that could be because it’s pretty hard to mess up guac.) But as long as I don’t put cilantro in it, everyone seems to love it.

Here’s a photo “taste” for you.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!