Wedding Day Details

I finally took my camera out of hibernation over Labor Day weekend to take some photos at my friend’s wedding.

Now that I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and sort through the photos of the day, I’ve learned that I prefer photographing wedding-day details as opposed to portraits or candid shots. I think this is because I can take more time adjusting the settings to get the details to look right, as opposed to having to take a quick shot or risk missing a moment. (Along with the fact that I still haven’t fully gotten over my fear of getting up close to other people to get the right shot.)

So, anyway, I didn’t get a lot of great shots of the bride, although she looked beautiful, but I got plenty of snapshots of the details. Here are a few of my favorites.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Day Details

  1. Thanks, Rich. Don’t worry. I have no desire to steal your clients. I am too afraid to do wedding photography for fear of missing/screwing up the important shots. I just like to go around and take pictures of stuff I think the photographer might not have noticed. 🙂

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