Practice for the Parents-to-Be (and for Me)

I took this photo at my sister’s baby shower this weekend. It may be a little cheesy, but I thought it was cool that I was able to capture them walking toward each other, while my sister had her niece in tow. (It wasn’t staged, I swear.)

I also took this opportunity to practice playing around with the tint. I was recently looking at photos by two very talented photographer friends of mine, and I realized that both of them tend to have photos with a really cool, soft-color tint to them. They probably use a filter or some other piece of something I haven’t learned about yet, while I’m still just poking around with Picasa, but I figured I’d give it a try.

While not as cool as my friends’ photos, I think this still turned out okay.


One thought on “Practice for the Parents-to-Be (and for Me)

  1. I do like the composition of this photo a lot. It would be better if the background were less cluttered (i.e., the car and tree and chair and so forth weren’t there), but there’s not so much you can do about that sometimes.

    With regards to tint, I would recommend reading a bit about white balance if you haven’t already. This is the way I adjust the overall color of my images most frequently. You can also experiment with saturation controls and color balance, but I find those harder to do while still making the picture look believable.

    (Also, btw, if you are looking for more fine control in your post-processing than Picasa provides, but don’t have Photoshop, might I recommend the GIMP? It’s free, and it works decently well for many things you’ll want to do)

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