Storm Chaser

One of the things that’s been on my Life’s List since I was 13 was to take a photo of lightning. I realize that this is an incredibly difficult task, requiring patience, skill, and a bit of luck — all of which I have none.

But, I am determined to capture lighting through my lens some day.

I was hoping today would have been that day. Looking out from my balcony as a storm rolled in over the city, I was milliseconds away from capturing one of those cool, crawly bolts, right next to the Sears Tower.

Unfortunately, luck was not with me tonight, and I missed the shot.

I did, however, get some really cool nighttime skyline shots, which is another area where I am trying to improve. (Thanks to my new apartment, I have a feeling I’ll be getting a lot of practice, and some of these shots will start to look pretty familiar after a while.) Between the quickly changing, stormy sky and the completely manual settings and focus, this was pretty challenging for me.

While not completely flawless, I am pretty proud of.this one.

Stay tuned for better nighttime skyline shots, and hopefully a lightning photo one of these days, too!


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