Room with a View

This photo wasn’t taken with my Fancy Camera, or my Little Camera. It was actually taken with someone else’s iPhone (but I was still the photographer). I’m currently in the drawn-out process of moving, (I simultaneously have two homes from now until the end of the month.) and my new place has a pretty awesome view.

Here’s a glimpse.

I have to say, I am pretty impressed with how far camera phones have come. (Although not my camera phone.) It kind of makes me wonder if some day people will only have cameras on their phones or DSLRs, making the middle of the road point-and-shoots obsolete. But that’s a post for another day.


2 thoughts on “Room with a View

  1. That view is spectacular! I am jealous!

    On a sidenote: I do feel like point and shoot cameras are becoming obsolete. Like your post said; I have an iPhone and a DSLR and most people I know only have one or both of those two with the exception being my parents who refuse to buy cellphones. They still have a point and shoot camera.

  2. I dunno if you’ve seen the photos with an iPhone flickr group. People do impressive stuff with their iPhone cameras.

    It’s unclear to me exactly where camera technology is going… the big problem with camera phones is the lack of interchangeability — the big fad in the camera world these days is the “Interchangeable Lens Compact” (ILC), but it’s unclear to me if it’s actually going to take off or not.

    Anyways, nice photo. 🙂

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