Ireland Theme #2: All Kinds of Signs

Here is a post I’ve been sitting on for a while. It’s been nagging me that it’s been sitting in my “drafts” folder, so I’m finally getting around to pulling it together and posting, only about a month late.

I love photographing signs when I travel. I just love signs. I think they say a lot about a place. Of course, by definition they tell about a place – where you are, or where something else is.

But they can also tell more than just what the words say.

They can demonstrate language differences, (like “yield” vs. “give way”).

They can show if a place is bilingual (Ireland has two national languages, Irish and English) or if it’s monolingual (like the Gaeltacht areas of Ireland that use Gaelic as their primary language).

They also tell about what kind of dangers lie ahead, or what kinds of animals to watch out for.

And some signs are just bizarre. Those are usually my favorite kinds.

But I love all kinds of signs, because each one can tell you something a little more about a place. And that is why my memory card often ends up full of photos of them!


2 thoughts on “Ireland Theme #2: All Kinds of Signs

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  2. FAb post. There are whole books dedicated to signs, there differences and there quirkiness’. Great post!

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