Ireland Theme #1: Flowers

I’ve been going through my Ireland photos more slowly than I normally would. I’m still really overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. But I’m just about done creating a “Best of Ireland” album on Picasa, containing the ones I think either turned out particularly well, or the ones I think my friends or family may be interested in.

However, choosing the ones to post to my blog is a bit of a different task. I am trying to select photos that either show my growth, or demonstrate some learning opportunities.

As I mentioned in my first post when I got back, I realized I can group many of the photos I took into a few categories. I thought it might be fun to post a series of photos from each of those categories.

Last night I started with flowers. I think photos of flowers, for the most part, can be kind of boring. So I tried really hard to capture them from a unique angle or in a light that makes them slightly more interesting. In some cases, I think I succeeded. In other cases, not so much.

Below are some photos of flowers and other cool plants I saw along the way. Included are photos from the Dingle Peninsula, the flower garden at Kylemore Abbey, the rocks and cliffs at Giant’s Causeway, and a sunny day in St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin.

P.S. I apologize if this page takes forever to load. The files are pretty big and there are a lot of them. I would edit them down, but I’m tired of making decisions right now.


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