Flower Collage

Last night after a dance performance I was in, I was the lucky recipient of several bunches of flowers. So tonight, of course, I decided to photograph them.

I don’t have a macro lens or anything fancy like that, but I tried to get up as close as I could to take some neat photos. None of them turned out particularly spectacular (despite the flowers themselves being gorgeous), but I thought it looked kind of cool in collage form.


3 thoughts on “Flower Collage

  1. I really like your collage! And you don’t need a macro lens to get good flower shots. The trick to most flower shots is simple:

    0. Try to find an unusual angle that people don’t normally see flowers from — usually, shooting top-down is less good.
    1. Zoom in as much as you can, and get the front of your lens as close to the flower as you can.
    2. Set your aperture wide open (low f/stop number).

    Steps 1 and 2 will blur out your background a lot (and potentially parts of the flower itself), creating a nice artsy glow, and letting the eye focus on the bright color and shapes of the flower itself.

  2. Thanks, David! And thanks for the great tips! I’ll have to try them next time!

    I’m still trying to figure out when it’s better to use a wide aperture vs. the opposite. Right now I’m just happy when I don’t over- or underexpose. 🙂

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