My First “Published” Photo

Sometimes I believe I was born in the wrong country. I should have been born in Ireland. Or maybe I just love the Irish culture so much that I pretend I’m more a part of it than I really am. Either way, I’m one to text people at 6:00pm on New Years Eve to with them a “Happy Irish New Year” and I like to listen to RTE radio streaming online just so I can hear the DJs with Irish accents.

On St. Patrick’s Day this year, I was following along on RTE’s website to watch the Dublin St. Patrick’s Festival Parade. (Which, by the way, was really cool! They commissioned Irish author Roddy Doyle to write a short story about Ireland which was then turned into the premise of the parade.) During RTE’s coverage of the parade, they were also following other St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world, and were asking people to submit their photos.

Thinking it would be like many of the news stations in Chicago, who ask for viewer photos and then stick hundreds of them in a Flickr gallery, I decided to submit one of mine from the river dyeing.

After work, when I went back on to the website to see what other celebrations where happening, I found a very special St. Patrick’s Day surprise! My photo, along with my name and a little blurb, was plastered right on the front of the RTE St. Patrick’s Day live coverage! It was right below an AP photo of the White House, and given the same weight as Obama’s announcement to visit Ireland this May.

You can check it out here.

I’m pretty sure my photo was only posted because I was the only Chicagoan following RTE and submitting photos. But for a few minutes I was really excited to think that a photo I took was on Ireland’s biggest (I think?) website, for everyone to see.

And while I’m still a long way off from this, maybe it’s even a step in the right direction to accomplishing one of my Life’s List goals of selling a photo someday.


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