Kiss Me, I’m “Chirish”

St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago tends to take on a life of its own. We have parades and pub crawls. We have Gaelic Storm at the House of Blues. We even dye our river green! So, it’s not surprising that St. Patrick’s Day weekend also makes for a great time to bust out the camera and take some green-filled photos.

Yesterday I went downtown to watch the dying of the Chicago River — one of my favorite traditions. It was also one of the first times I have managed to get outside and take some scenic pictures since I’ve gotten my new camera. Trying desperately to master my camera, I wanted to take as many as I could with the manual settings. I struggled a bit at first to get the settings right, since I haven’t had much practice in the daylight yet. But in the end, I think I got some pretty decent shots.

I also did some playing around with the color accent feature on my PowerShot point-and-shoot. It lets you focus on one color (in this case, I picked green) and turns everything else black and white. It makes for a really cool effect, without any Photoshopping*.

In the slideshow below, the color photos were taken with my Rebel, and the black & white (& green) photos were taken with my PowerShot.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*I feel it’s important to point out that there was no Photoshopping done to any of these photos. Everything is straight from the camera. A lot of people who haven’t actually seen the Chicago River dyed have a hard time believing it’s really that green. But it is.


2 thoughts on “Kiss Me, I’m “Chirish”

  1. Ha! Love it — I was in Chicago a few years ago over St. Patrick’s Day; didn’t see them dyeing the river, but saw the after-effects. Good times.

    Also, I love the color accent — I didn’t know cameras could do things like that, I’ve always had to do that in post-processing. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though.

  2. Thanks! I just recently learned about the color accent feature a few months ago, and it was totally by accident. Of course, when I went to the pumpkin farm, I was experimenting with it like crazy!

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