Figuring Out Focus

There’s two different focus options on my camera, and I’m still trying to get them figured out. The first is on the lens, and I can select Auto Focus (AF) or Manual Focus (MF). Then, there’s also the AF Point Selection in the settings for the camera itself, where I see a little diagram like the one below. With this, I can select automatic, or I can set one of the dots to be the point of focus.

I haven’t quite figured out how the two different variables work together, and I probably should get out my instruction manual and read more about the two. What I have decided is that for now, I like using the Auto point selection, because when I look through my viewfinder and press the button halfway, a little red light lights up over the spot that is in focus. If I don’t want that spot in focus, I’ll just release the button and try again.

Anyway, while playing around with both AF/MF on the lens, and the focus point options, I decided to practice taking some photos of my old school Nintendo. I tried several different options, and wanted to get the words in focus on the NES. Below is the photo I liked the best. (This one was taken with AF on the lens, and the auto focus point option.)


2 thoughts on “Figuring Out Focus

  1. I shoot almost exclusively in AF mode with one of the points selected. A tight, crisp focus is much more difficult to achieve with manual focus, because your viewfinder is so tiny. About the only time it’s worth doing is when there’s not enough light for the camera to figure out the autofocus.

    • I also do the same thing as David. You can’t see if it is perfectly in focus in the viewfinder…even with really good eyes. The camera really does know best once you tell it what area you want to focus on!

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