Fun with Texture

Okay, I realize I need to get out and start photographing things other than junk in my apartment, but the other day I thought it would be fun to take some pictures of things with cool textures. Here’s what came of it…

I promise once spring comes I’ll get outside more and start learning how to photograph landscapes and cityscapes and travel, and all the things I wanted my camera for in the first place!


Today I Learned About White Balance: Phase 1

You know when your digital camera seems to automatically make your pictures tinted a little bit blue or a little bit green instead of the way the scene actually looked? A lot of times that’s due to your camera’s white balance.

It’s a term I’ve heard before and sort-of understand, but I’m not going to pretend I fully understand all the ins and outs of white balance. There are plenty of websites out there, like this one and this one that will do a much better job explaining than I ever could.

Instead, I wanted to explore the white balance settings on my Canon Rebel to see what happened.

I took seven different photos of the exact same subject: my laptop keyboard while sitting on my couch in my living room, which was lit by one tungsten 3-way bulb. Each of the photos was taken using the same manual setting (Yep! I was brave enough to try manual!), and the only thing that different was the white balance setting.

Below lists the setting of each photo from left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Auto White Balance
  2. Daylight
  3. Shade
  4. Cloudy
  5. Tungsten
  6. White Fluorescent
  7. Custom
  8. Auto White Balance*
  9. Daylight*

*The last two photos are repeats, just for the sake of the collage.

Note: There was absolutely no Photoshopping involved here. All images are straight from the camera.

I thought this was a fun way to get to know my camera better, and it also makes for a neat little collage. I may experiment again soon with other settings (aperture, shutter speed, etc.), so stay tuned.

Learning How to Make Collages in Picnik

I recently discovered the online photo editing service Picnik through its partnership with Picasa (where I now store most of my photos). One of the features on Picnik is the ability to make photo collages.

I decided to familiarize myself with this feature by creating some collages of photos I took while baking some vegetable lasagna recently.

These were made with the Basic layouts, because I refuse to pay $24.95 a year just to do things I will eventually learn how to do in Photoshop, but I think they turned out okay. (Although, I would have liked to had more choice in using a variety of sizes for the photos.)┬áRegardless, it was a fun little project I’d like to continue to play around with.