Up Close and Personal With Several Years’ Worth of Wine

No, I do not have a drinking problem. I’ve simply been collecting wine corks for several years now, in an attempt to make one of those wine cork boards.

I finally have enough to finish the project, but I just can’t bring myself to complete it because I think I’ll be sad once it’s done. But in the meantime, what else can a girl do with over 200 corks? Photograph them, of course!

This photo is one of my favorites so far!

I’m really happy with this one because although it took several tries, I’ve finally learned to get more comfortable getting closer to the subject and remembering the art of exclusion.

Just to prove that I really am learning, here’s one of the earlier photos I took during this photo session, just for comparison’s sake.


When You Need to Practice, Try to Make Common Objects Interesting

Earlier this week as I was holed up in my apartment in the cold winter weather, I wanted to spend some time practicing my photography skills. I’d already exhausted taking pictures of all the food I had eaten recently, and had managed to photograph pretty much every inch of my apartment for a photo contest sponsored by my leasing company. I was running out of “interesting” subjects in my little apartment.

And then I glanced over at my bookshelf.

I really had fun with this project, and I kinda like how some of the photos turned out. Here are two of my favorites.

The Art of Exclusion

When hearing about my aspirations to develop my photography skills, a coworker of mine (who also happened to study photography somewhat seriously in college) shared with me some words of photographic wisdom from her studies —  “Where painting is an art of inclusion, photography is an art of exclusion.”

She also pointed out that one of the biggest flaws of those new to photography is that people are too afraid to get close to their subject. “The closer, the better,” she says.

I’ve noticed in my own photography, I still have room for quite a bit of improvement when it comes to getting closer, and stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to personal space.

However, in the photo below I’m pretty proud of myself for breaking down the barrier a bit.

While I love this photo, I do have one complaint. I’m not completely satisfied by the framing of this shot. While I like the way the focus is on the RoM logo, it really bugs me that the “MODERN” that appears to the left of “ITALIAN” is cut off. I know the word is there, and it drives me crazy that I can’t see it.

One Hobby on Hold Becomes the Subject of a New Hobby

I’m actually embarrassed to say how many months ago I started knitting this scarf. Apparently I start hobbies only to get bored or frustrated with them a short time later. But the good thing about a knitting project on hold is that it makes a kind of fun subject to photograph.

Here’s one of the shots I took of the never-ending scarf project. Maybe someday you’ll actually be able to see a photo of the finished product.